Letra de FATHER

Letra de Acho Manzi (Homero Luis Manzione)
Musica de Juan Cedrón
Compuesto en 1996

Translation Nora Kreimer
All rights reserved

It was only yesterday that you were a giant, good and sad...
What ruthless claws took you away from me?
You left in an instant, when my soul was reaching you,
And needed you to go on.

I recall that sad day, sadder than any other,
You called me to your side to say good-bye;
You placed your name with my name in my hands,
You talked to me behind a huge tear from man to man.

Father, who forsook me,
And who time has taken far away from me!
I need you by my side,
I need some advice
I never heard from you.
I know you'd be my friend,
And the sweetest witness
Of all I have lived!
I know that I need your hand,
In the long way
That opens up before me!

Your hands become long, your eyes become shadows,
And you never surrendered your way of living.
Sometimes I'm surprised by people who name you,
You never accepted having to go away.

Your time is my time; they're both part of history.
Your struggle beyond ideologies has left behind a whole continent
Of people who listen to you, of youth, of friends,
Of a world without oblivion,
Of a whole world entirely for me!


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