DOWNHILL Words by Alfredo Le Pera. Music of Carlos Gardel.

If I dragged in this world
the shame of what I have been
and the pain of no longer being,
under the wing of the hat
how many times a muzzled tear
appeared that I could not contain.

If I crossed by the roads
as a pariah that the destiny
commiteded in its undoing;
if I was weak, if I was blind,
I only want them to understand
the value that represents
the courage of loving.

It was, for me the entire life,
as a sun of spring
my hope and my passión.
I knew, that in the world there was no room
for all the humble happyness of my poor heart.
Now, down hill in my fall
the passed illusions no longer I can erase.
I dream, about the past that I mourn,
the old time that I cry about
and is never to return..

By following after of her tracks
I drank tirelessly in my cup of pain;
but nobody understood
that if I gave it all,
each time left pieces of my heart..

Now, sad in the decline,
solitary and already defeated,
I want to confess;
if that mouth lied
the love that offered me,
for those bewitching eyes
I would have given always more..


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